June, 2024

DCT Abu Dhabi attends Beijing and Moscow International Book Fairs

Abu Dhabi: The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) is stepping up its participation in major international book fairs ahead of Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2020. Having recently attended the Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF), which was held from 21 – 25 August, DCT Abu Dhabi will also be taking part in the Moscow International Book Fair (MIBF) from 4 – 8 September.

With its participation in these two major events, DCT Abu Dhabi is aiming to enhance relationships with specialists in the publishing world, promote the cultural and tourist attractions of Abu Dhabi, and also promote and attract new publishers to the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF), one of the fastest-growing book fairs in the MENA region, which will take place in April 2020.

DCT Abu Dhabi will participate at MIBF for the first time, offering a rich cultural programme prepared by the Kalima Reading Club, which includes a number of seminars and cultural events. A particular focus will be given to Arabic translations of iconic pieces of Russian literature, a project led by Dr. Abu Bakr Yusuf.

A key highlight of the event will be a symposium held in cooperation with the UAE Space Agency, dedicated to all translations related to outer space and the methods used to capture the nuances of the terms, words and phrases used within the sector. High profile speakers are to include Sheikha Al Maskari, the Chief Innovation Officer at the UAE Space Agency, and Abdullah Majid Al Ali, the Acting Executive Director of the National Library Sector at DCT Abu Dhabi. The session will be moderated by Mohammed Hassan Al Marzouqi of DCT Abu Dhabi.

DCT Abu Dhabi’s participation in MIBF is part of the organisation’s wider plans to highlight the extensive body of translated Russian literature, showcase the great work being undertaken within the translation industry and to build cultural relationships between the UAE and Russia, as the latter will be the guest of honour for the 30th edition of ADIBF in 2020.

Abdulla Majed Al Ali, Acting Executive Director of the National Library Sector at DCT Abu Dhabi and Director of ADIBF, said: “Every year, ADIBF succeeds in attracting new exhibitors from around the world, thanks to the distinctive initiatives it offers to enhance opportunities for Arab publishers, with the aim of enriching its Professional Programme and driving the publishing industry in the region and the world. To strengthen ADIBF’s international presence, we are committed to participating in international book fairs to learn about the experiences of other countries in the field, attract expertise and promote ADIBF. Both the Beijing and Moscow International Book Fairs are important platforms for meeting publishers from the Far East, Russia and the CIS.

“Last year, Abu Dhabi International Book Fair brought together over 1,000 exhibitors, including publishers and literary specialists from 76 countries. We are constantly seeking to steadily grow ADIBF’s exhibition space, a number of exhibitors and programmes, while maintaining quality levels, intellectual property standards and promoting international initiatives aiming to develop the publishing industry in the Arab world.”

With BIBF hosting over 2,000 exhibitors, the ADIBF team held a series of meetings with Chinese and international publishing specialists, culminating in signing up new publishers to participate in the 30th edition of ADIBF.

DCT Abu Dhabi’s participation in BIBF came following China’s successful participation in ADIBF 2017 as its Guest of Honour. The largest and most productive in ADIBF in history, China’s participation has subsequently seen the establishment of strategic relations between the two countries in all fields. This has provided further opportunities for future partnerships in the culture and tourism fields, which gave birth to UAE-China Cultural Week, Chinese Film Week in Abu Dhabi and a number of joint publishing and translation projects.

During BIBF, DCT Abu Dhabi held meetings with a number of high profile publishers and decision-makers from the Chinese and international publishing sectors. The sessions included a meeting with HE Jiang Jianguo, Director of the State Council Information Office and Deputy Director of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, who received the Abu Dhabi delegation, stating BIBF is honoured to host the ADIBF team every year, as it is an important step towards strengthening cultural cooperation between the UAE and China.

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