February 23, 2024

Connect Ads brings the Shazam magic to the region

DUBAI– Connect Ads, a digital media and technology solutions provider and a subsidiary of OTVentures, has announced today(August 14th) that it has entered into an exclusive partnership with Shazam, one of the world’s most popular apps, to offer consumers interactive adventure with their admired brands.

140813-Shazam featuresShazam app runs on any smartphone or tablet and automatically recognises music, media and ad spots playing on nearby TVs, videos or tablets.

 Shazam connects people with the world around them by displaying additional information on the smart device, including album information, music videos, song lyrics and links to purchase the song.The app can also be used to extend a brand pitch beyond the TV spot.

For example, TV viewers who “Shazam” a 15-second commercial showing the exterior of a car racing by, can then be automatically taken to a two-minute tour of the interior, by mobile device, thus animating the experience, extending the exposure and engaging the viewers with the brand.

Fadi Antaki, CEO of OTVentures, a pioneering digital and technology solutions provider for both online and mobile platforms, said: “Consumers absolutely love Shazam and marketers and brand managers are passionate about its possibilities. We are proud to be able to offer Shazam in the region and we expect it to make a big push in connecting TV networks and advertisers with consumers on their ‘second screens’; their smartphones or tablets.”

Josh Partridge, Shazam’s Director of Advertising, EMEA said: “We are delighted to partner with Connect Ads, which has a robust track record, with depth and breadth in the Middle East market. There is strong demand from the marketplace for more innovative mobile and data-driven opportunities. This partnership is another significant milestone in our worldwide reach and expansion. Together, we are committed to help brands in the region connect with TV viewers via their mobile phones and tablets and retarget users across the region through Shazam’s mobile app.” 

Mohamed El Mehairy, managing director of Connect Ads which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, added: “Shazam’s ‘call to action’ is captivating both brands and consumers. Marketers are thrilled to broaden their brand beat with consumers into new territories, carrying on the audio-visual conversation of their commercials from the TV screens to the customers’ mobile devices. Shazam helps advertisers leverage those audiences in a way that’s immersive, additive and supportive to increasing tune-in. It will also drive new revenue and help promote content over all digital media channels along with the TV. Consumers are also excited to set out on a discovery journey about the brands they love most on their smart handsets.”

The rise of multi-screening or ‘screen-stacking’ behaviour by consumers is fuelling the popularity of Shazam in the region and around the world. Consumers are increasingly using multiple digital devices simultaneously, like watching television while engaging in other digital activities through their smart devices; checking online content, shopping online or using social media.

 Consumers in both KSA and UAE markets own up to four digital devices and 91% and 86% of residents in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, respectively, watch TV every day. Recent data reveals that 64 per cent of TV viewers in Saudi Arabia and 50 per cent in the UAE have the “second screen syndrome”; engaging in other digital activities while watching TV, higher than the global average of 48%.

Mohamed El Mehairy, continued: “Our clients in the marketing and advertising sector are excited about expanding their brands’ experiences and messaging via the second screen. A viewer’s connection to a TV advert can come through any kind of audio at all. This can be a song, a short baby jingle in a baby food advert, or even a sound effect from an actual product, like opening a fizzy drink or a plane taking off. When the “S” icon flashes on a TV ad with a suggestion to use the app for some extra content, viewers can be transported to a new journey where they can discover the lyrics of a song, purchase a product or receive to a coupon. They can access special offers or be directed to a social discussion.”

With over 475 million users globally, Shazam has truly become a “superpower” in this digital age. In the region, brands can advertise on Shazam through Connectads, Shazam for TV campaigns (SFTV) and In-App opportunities (Banners, Listening Screen, No Match Banners.)


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