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Cavotec to unveil latest technology at Airport Show-2014

DUBAI- Participating in the Airport Show for the 14th successive year, Cavotec Middle East will utilize the B2B event to showcase its latest innovation and breakthrough technology for the aviation industry.

Part of the Switzerland-based global engineering group with sales companies in 35 countries, Cavotec Middle East works closely with airport operators, airlines and aircraft manufacturers by providing advanced ground support equipment (GSE), including fuel, water and power supply units, tunnel systems, pre-conditioned air units (PCAir), aircraft connectors and caddies.

The cutting-edge products and solutions have been helping the clients reduce tarmac congestion, improve performance and efficiency and reduce environmental impact.
Like the previous editions, Cavotec will have its own dedicated space spanning 36 square feet at the Airport Show where the company will showcase its new products and solutions to key industry players.

Apart from the new solutions, Cavotec will also highlight the important role that our current products, such as the pop-up pit systems, 400 Hz power supply and aviation fuelling systems, play in streamlining operations and increasing profitability in airports in the region.

Juergen Strommer,
Juergen Strommer,

Juergen Strommer, Managing Director, Cavotec Middle East, said: “We have engineered a new environmental fuel hydrant pit (DAB-20) as per the expectations of some market segments. Another important milestone is the E3 Gate concept. We also have a new 400Hz connector which is more durable and designed for a quick repair or change as gates cannot be closed for too long.”

He said the Airport Show has helped Cavotec tremendously in featuring the unique technologies and solutions that it has for today’s highly-demanding aviation industry. The B2B platform has allowed Cavotec to connect with airport operators and help them achieve optimum efficiency and profitability to remain competitive.

“Our annual participation has also given us an avenue to establish our leadership in the sector as providers of not only distinctive technologies but also exceptional support to our clients. We are confident that Airport Show-2014 will be a mutually beneficial endeavor to both Cavotec and the industry. We are sure that Cavotec will attract significant attention from potential partners during the event.”
About the regional airports industry future prospects, he said: “With UAE airports predicted to witness up to 1.62 billion aircraft movements by 2030, operators are trying to find ways to ease bottlenecks and service each aircraft in a timely manner. Cavotec’s solutions are geared towards decreasing aircraft service times by integrating various utilities into singular solutions such as pop-up pits.”

He said: “In Qatar we have a major presence in the aviation sector and consequently we are expanding our infrastructure. In Q2 2014 you will see a dedicated Cavotec office in Doha. We are continuously monitoring growth across the GCC. Our regional headquarters in Dubai is capable of handling all aspects of product sales, commissioning and installation, and technical support to our clients in the region.”

He said new projects, such as the Al Maktoum International Airport, are currently being constructed in preparation for the Expo 2020. Cavotec was primed to provide practical and environment-friendly solutions to new airports and expansions of existing ones as they prepare for the influx of business and commercial tourism around the Expo 2020, he added.

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