February 22, 2024

BurJuman,a magnet for those looking for a one-stop shopping destination this DSS

DUBAI– One of Dubai’s  iconic landmarks and one of the oldest shopping malls, BurJuman, continues to attract a large numbers of residents and tourists during the current edition of Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) .

Its strategic location combined with its high-end offerings makes it a valuable proposition for shoppers. Even today, despite the launch of new shopping malls, BurJuman continues to witness growing popularity among first-time shoppers and loyal visitors who have grown up in Dubai and fondly associate BurJuman with their earliest memories of the city.

Its modern, refurbished interiors and exterior façade reflect the modern day ethos of the mall – an eclectic and vibrant shopping destination for the young and old.

DFRE’s Media Centre spoke to visitors and residents to get a sense of what they thought of this landmark shopping mall in Dubai during DSS.

Tabasum Xec
Tabasum Xec

Tabasum Xec, a resident of UAE

“I have been living in Dubai for the past eight years. I love shopping especially at BurJuman Centre since it has a selection of high-end shops and fascinating brands. I spend more than AED2000-3000 every month on shopping. When a festival like DSS takes place, I am always excited to grab the best items on sale. Many shops prepare for a grand clearance of summer clothes during DSS and this makes it the best time to shop.”

“Shopping in Dubai for me is more fun than shopping in Europe. I know what to find, what I want and the best place to find it. I choose the right time of the year to shop and buy the items on sale. I love to buy expensive watches and Dubai has one of the biggest markets for branded tax-free watches.

“DSS is also a great time for family and friends to visit and get acquainted with the best of Dubai. The great thing about Dubai as a shopping destination is that the malls come with the right mix of shopping, dining and entertainment.”

Farhat Sayid
Farhat Sayid

Farhat Sayid, Pakistan

“I have lived in Dubai all my life and BurJuman is my favourite destination to buy perfumes. The mall has the largest number of international and local perfumes including Rasasi and Ajmal and other traditional Arabian fragrances. For me, DSS is a great event because most shops have huge discounts and those that are not participating in DSS have value offers and promotional campaigns.”

Munira, a resident of UAE

The shopping experience is better at this time of year as most stores are offering massive discounts on their summer collections. My favourite brands are Forever 21, Splash and Massimo Dutti. I was born in the UAE and have seen Dubai’s progress and evolution into a fashion hub.”

Amna Shah and Munira Hameed
Amna Shah and Munira Hameed

Amna Shah and Munira Hamid from India

“I have been living in Dubai for the past 14 years. We are visiting BurJuman with our kids since we are on vacation. I think that DSS is a good reason for people to head straight to the shopping malls. Dubai is increasingly becoming an ideal destination for people during the summer. I prefer the entertainment offered to children more than the shopping experience.”

Farheen Qasim and husband Qasim Akbar – UK

We are here in Dubai on vacation from the UK. Dubai is a fascinating city and now it is in the same leagues as the world’s popular shopping destinations. I am surprised to see all the brands in the UK easily available here. I love the beaches here and people in the UAE are also extremely hospitable.

I haven’t been on vacation in a long time, but we decided to come to Dubai this year and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The city is a shopper’s paradise and has so many raffle draws and entertainment options for kids. The diversity of cuisines served by classy restaurants makes it the full holiday experience.”


Fahad Abdullah, KSA

“I come twice a year with my family just for DSS and DSF and I must say that malls like BurJuman actively get children and the elderly involved in a host of activities. People should take advantage of all the sales going on in Dubai. DSS today has evolved and more stores are keen to participate in the event through BurJuman because of its convenient location. We usually shop for fashion apparel and accessories and BurJuman is top on our list before we head to Modhesh World.”

Anna Ilena
Anna Ilena

Anna Ilaina, Russia

“I have been coming to Dubai to shop for the past five years and I know when the sales take place. I wait impatiently for DSS every year because I love shopping. I think Dubai has a very international appeal and its allure as a shopping destination is fantastic. I am a big fan of mid to high-end fashion and will continue to visit Dubai to find the best clothes, shoes and accessories. “

The 17th edition of DSS commenced on 2 August and runs until 5 September this year, under the theme, “The Fun Side of Summer.”

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