February 21, 2024

Annual Summer Outdoor Work Ban Starts Today

Daily working hours of outdoor workers for the morning, evening or both shifts, are not to exceed eight hours

Dubai: The UAE’s annual ban on outdoor work during the hot summer months begins on Monday and would last for three months, the country’s human resource and Emiratisation ministry said.

According to WAM,  workers are not required not to stay in the outdoor workplace after 12:30 p.m. and is prohibited from resuming work before 3:00 p.m. Employers are required to provide their workers with a shaded place to rest in during their breaks. Also, daily working hours, for the morning, evening or both shifts, are not to exceed eight hours.

If a worker exceeds such eight hours within 24 hours, the extra time will be deemed overtime, for which the worker is to be paid in accordance with UAE labour rules, the ministry added.

But companies responsible for works which must continue for technical reasons are exempted from the ban.

“Workers can continue working during the banned hours if they are working on projects that cannot be postponed for technical reasons such as asphalting of roads and laying concrete as well as repairing damage in water pipes, petrol pipes, sewage pipes or the disconnection of electrical lines,” it said.

The exemption also includes those working on projects licensed from governmental departments which could affect the flow of traffic, or also that which could affect electrical, water supplies or communications.

The ministry likewise advised exempt companies to provide rehydration facilities for workers, at the risk of a penalty being imposed equivalent to Dh5,000 per worker or a maximum of Dh50,000 for multiple workers.

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