September 25, 2023

Al-Naimi delivers speech before 5th Arab Ministerial Consultative meeting

MARRAKESH- Ali bin Ibrahim Al-Naimi, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who leads his country’s delegation to the 13th Arab International Conference for Mineral Wealth and 5th Ministerial Meeting of the Arab ministers in charge of mineral wealth sector which kicked off in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh, today(April 29th,2014) reassured that our Arab countries’ territories are rich of geological environments that contain rocky components of different kinds of minerals, noting that the mineral investment in the Arab world has made great strides over the last few decades but is still in need to be moved to real mineral industrialization.

Addressing the 5th Ministerial Meeting of the Arab ministers in charge of mineral wealth sector, Al-Naimi drew the attention of his listeners that to reach this end, we ought to develop a number of key aspects relating to mining activities in our countries, most important of which are: conducting a review of mineral investment systems, upgrading them, urging for establishing advanced manufacturing, creating new jobs, developing mineral data, provision of land lots, replacing imported products and supporting the manufacture of mineral products locally.

Also we have to develop remote areas in our countries through mineral industries derived from mineral deposits found in those areas, building the necessary infrastructure, nationalizing the modern technology used in exploiting and processing the mineral resources and developing the technical skills of our labor forces in the sector of mining and other support services.

Al-Naimi underscored the importance of coordination and cooperation among Arab technical authorities, lauding the role so far played by the Arab mineral bodies in the field of developing the mineral resources over the past years. In the years to come, it is preferred to focus on strategic objectives for national development plans, for instance, the increase of contribution of the mineral resources sector in national economies, diversification and expansion of the base of mineral activity and enhancement of added values of local mineral products.

He urged the concerned authorities in the Arab world for conducting in-depth studies on the major aspects forming the bases of complementary mineral industries.

“In this concern, I would like to point out to three bodies who would have pivotal roles in promoting the mining sector’s development and manufacturing processes: the academic scientific bodies, governmental authorities and businessmen community”, the minister stated.

He said planners ought to focus also on pinpointing the positive impact of establishing the infrastructure to boost the sector of mining, including putting plans for model exploiting of the mining resources in their capacity as non-renewable materials, developing the technology used in excavation for mining ores, illuminating the public on the importance of mining industry on their lives, urging the banking sector to finance mining projects, drawing the outlines of the roles of mining licenses holders in the social responsibility and considering the environmental, social and economical developments achieved from the establishment of a complete mining industry in remote areas.-SPA

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