March 26, 2023

Al Majaz Waterfront Prepares for Ramadan Celebrations

Al Majaz Waterfront, Sharjah’s premier family tourist and leisure destination, is gearing up for the holy month of Ramadan with activities and special offers at its brand restaurants and cafes, offering the best dishes from Arabic and international cuisines.

The iconic outdoor destination and its walkways have been adorned with coloured lights, spectacular ornaments, lanterns and crescent decorations, transforming the waterfront into a picturesque haven of tranquility and joy.

With the peaceful and spiritual atmosphere that prevails during the blessed month, Al Majaz Waterfront is inviting people to enjoy its line-up of diverse activities and its reduced-price Iftar and Suhoor offerings.

Mohammed Fadhil Al Mazrouei, Manager of Al Majaz Waterfront, said: “Ramadan is a dear occasion to everyone, in which the mercy and blessings of Allah prevail, and we are delighted to share with our visitors the joy of the holy month and be part of their daily lives. Al Majaz Waterfront is a place that allows our visitors the opportunity to feel comfortable and happy as well as spend time contemplating the meaning of the holiest of months.With its growing popularity and the increasing number of visitors to Al Majaz Waterfront, we make every possible effort to live up to their expectations.He continued: “We also strive to keep up with the various religious, national and global events throughout the year, offering a wide range of tourist options.”

For the sixth consecutive year, Al Majaz Waterfront has been selected as the venue for the traditional daily Iftar Cannon, where families come together to enjoy the eagerly anticipated ritual throughout the holy month.

The Iftar Cannon is a highly popular heritage icon that exemplifies one of the authentic religious traditions. It is broadcast live on Sharjah TV at 6:30pm, where families gather almost 30 minutes before the firing to enjoy the atmosphere and the religious and cultural contests to win prizes.Visitors will be able to enjoy F&B discounts offered by various Waterfront outlets, which serve customers from sunset until 3am from, Zaroob Restaurant; Zahr El Laymoun; T.G.I. Friday’s; Sutis; and El Manza Restaurant. They can also enjoy a series of Ramadan evenings, competitions and entertainment options including mini golf and, for younger children, a designated play area. 

Al Majaz Waterfront houses an eclectic mix of world-class restaurants and cafes, all with stunning views overlooking the Khalid Lagoon and Sharjah Fountain.

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