March 2, 2024

2nd Gulf fiction-writing forum kicks off

KUWAIT- The National Council for Culture, Arts, and Literature opened the 2nd Gulf fiction-writing forum, thus activating the GCC joint cultural agreement to promote fiction writing among Gulf writers on Tuesday (May 6th,2014).

The Council’s secretary general Ali Alyouha, noted in a speech at the forum, that the art of writing narratives, be they novels or other forms, started in earnest in the eighties of the last century in the Gulf region.

He said numerous Gulf writers of fiction of commendable competence have appeared on the scene since then.

In today’s meeting, the forum, lasting three days, took up a research paper on the topic of The Novel and the yearning for Identity by the Bahraini writer Fahad Hussein. Moreover, a number of Gulf novelists and writers gave speeches about their experiences with writing works of fiction. -KUNA

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