DUBAI-Hertz UAE has joined forces with Dubai’s [sameness] project to help drive one of the UAE’s most note-worthy social initiatives. The car rental giant will be providing vehicles from their fleet for the next ‘Water for Workers’ project on 18th October and thus allowing more volunteers in Dubai to get involved with the initiative aimed at appreciating those that build the city.

Water for Workers, sponsored by PepsiCo, is an initiative which is about giving cold water and a ‘thank you’ to labourers working in the hot Dubai weather.On selected Saturdays throughout the Dubai summer, volunteers meet at a central location, load up their car with cold water bottles and then set out to give out some water to any workers they can spot working in the heat in their allocated area.

It is one of the projects organised by the [sameness] project, a social initiative which aims to connect people in their humanity and their ‘sameness’ through a series of online and offline projects.The main aim of Water for Workers is the engagement and interaction between those handing out water and the workers receiving it. Cold water is nice but it’s the thank you’s, handshakes and conversations with the workers that help ‘erase the lines that separate’ and make the experience special.

Until now, volunteers’ participation in Water for Workers has depended on whether they have their own vehicle or access to one, however Hertz’s involvement means that those without easy access to a car now have the opportunity to join the project, allowing even more people to take part in the initiative and lending extra mobility to reach more areas of the city.

Volunteers would simply need to pre-book a seat in one of the Hertz cars, which will be driven by some of the Hertz corporate team. Approximately 10 cars will be provided, ranging from five to seven-seater vehicles, and seats will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Those wishing to take part in the next Water for Workers on Saturday 18 October should express their interest early by visiting to book a seat.



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